In planning the construction of a facility, we take into account all the needs of the client, advising also used machinery just to have a greater initial savings.
Please note that most of the plant is in metallic carpentry that we can build together on site, setting up a small workshop with your staff so that employees have already prepared for the maintenance and repair.
A facility may consist of one or more processing lines. An average recycling our line with an output of about 400/600 kg days now about 5 tons of finished product. You can add other lines to get higher production, avoiding the shutdown of production during maintenance operations.
Is essential to train staff for the various sorting and separation, which requires a speed sorting with the smallest percentage of error.

For 1 plant with an output of 4 / 5 tons must:
1 600 mill trilame rot. 2 fixed heavy construction;
1 400 centrifugal cast iron body stainless networks;
1 adjustment for blades and spare blades;
10 electric motors 3 hp 220-380v 1400 rpm;
2 25 kw electric motor 380-660V 1400 rpm;
3 sewage pump impeller large H30-40 400 liters;
3 Immersion pumps from 5 / 4:
10 spiral augers da100mm from 3 meters and 120mm tube;
150/200 SM sheets of iron from 2-3-5 mm;
5 tons of iron profiles measures;
3 bins from 10-15 cubic meters by decanting the wash water;
1 12-18 canvases 60x60 filter press pump 7 atm - 200LT - 380V;
2 600x160mm aspirated engine 2800 rpm 380 V;
1 frangigranuli armored 800x1200x by 10mm;
1 dust collector hose 18 to 200mm exhaust fan 2800 rpm;
1 600/700 with a band saw blades and affilalame.

WORKSHOP composed:
1 calender bend -- 1 lathe -- 1 welding electrode -- 1 welding wire -- 1 Saw for iron -- 1 oss-prop torch. - Electrical equipment factory, grinding wheels, grinders, drills etc. .. - serial keys, doggie, hammers, pliers, etc..

ELECTRICAL for ignition of various engines should be calculated according to existing regulations in each state.
Building on the spot: Turbo washing, screw conveyors to transport materials, dust collector, settling tank, heat exchanger for drying the product, boiler for hot water, mill feed hopper, balance, soaking tub, water silos work, table sorting, loading belt etc..
Electricity Kw 60/80 and 100-kw generator.

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